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Recent convert to Apple products...never touched Garageband before.  Loving it so far but having some struggles.


I've done a few basic recording tutorials, and bought myself a quality 2 channel interface.  I play guitar and sing, for this I use a condensor mic for vocals and 1/4" instrument cable for guitar.  Not too many issues recording both tracks live but,  I would like to record the two tracks in a few different ways, both simultaneous and separate overlays of vocals/instrument, so here's what I'm still in search of that I have been unable to find:


  • Lots of tutorial/direction out there on recording both the vocal and guitar track live...unable to locate a quality tutorial on recording the guitar track separately and then overlaying the vocals on top, anyone know of a guide/video for this?
    • What I most need is instruction on the software interface...which buttons to push, etc... I'm comfortable with the hardware interface piece.
  • I have found good information on how to monitor the track/channel you are currently recording live into your phones.   However, once I have recorded a guitar track I would like to get the recorded guitar track piped in my monitor while I record the vocal separately so that I can get my timing and pitch right...any ideas?  Again, a software interface question...




GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    To record two tracks at the same time create two separate tracks. Assign Mono channel 1 to one of the tracks and Mono channel 2 to the other. Make sure both tracks are record enabled and hit record.


    The playback (track you recorded) should by default be playing back. To ensure this choose your monitors/headphones in garageband > preferences > audio/midi. If you're using your interface to monitor make sure you have it set to send playback to the headphones, this usually done with a mix knob or switch on the interface.


    If you are new to all this and it sounds like you are instead of doing projects just play with all the features to see what everything does. And youtube should help a little along the way.

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    In the Standard Recording Mode, GarageBand records on the Track that is selected, which means one track at a time.  There is no need for a “Record Enable” button. Whatever Track is selected, that is the one that gets recorded on (Audio or MIDI).


    But GarageBand also provides a Multitrack Recording Mode in case you want to record your vocals and your keyboard playing at the same time. You can record up to 8 Audio Tracks and 1 MIDI Track at the same time. This enables you to record a small band simultaneously.


    Enable Multitrack Mode. This adds a “Record Enable” button to the Track Header of each Track.

    • Menu Command: Track > Enable Multitrack Recording
    • Key Command: opt+cmd+R


    Now enable the “Record Enable” button on the Tracks you want to record (button turns red).

    Select the proper Audio Input in the Track Info pane for the selected Tracks (this requires a multichannel Audio Device).


    Start Recording as usual.



    You canfind more details information in my new GarageBand 11 book: "GarageBand 11 - How it Works". It is part of my "Garaphically Enhanced Manuals" series that explains application in more visual way which halps you understand the procedures and worklfows much better. You can check it out at



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    Hope that helps



    Edgar Rothermich

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    Thanks Edgar, that's exactly the software interface question that I had...apparently I had enabled multi-track however I did not "disarm" the individual instrument tracks when attempting to record vocals over the top of them.



    Thanks for the help and I'll definatley check out your site.