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If this has been answered somewhere in the forum please direct me to it. I've been trying to search the forum and google and it hasn't yielded much for me.


I have an external hard drive which contains the time machine backup for my macbook pro. Before I buy the time capsule, I am interested in moving this hard drive as a connected drive on my LAN so that I can continue to backup incrementally on it, without losing the backup that is sitting on it.


I am using a raspberry pi board for my server and have AFP and Netatalk running successfully. I am able to connect to my raspberry pi via the WiFi from my macbook pro and also initiate a new Time Machine backup. Unfortunately the first backup over wifi was going to take over a day so I decided to just take my existing hard drive containing my backup and connect it to the pi.


I can connect to the pi and see the backup folder, but when I select this network drive as a time machine drive, time machine starts initiating a new backup - sparsebundle kinds instead of identifying that the drive already has a backup for this machine and all it needs to do is incrementally add to it.


How do I make sure time machine can access this drive over the network and use it as it were locally connected to my machine.


I am open to trying Sabma in addition to netatalk and afp if that will help me.


I am running Lion 10.7.5.


Thanks for your help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), i7 2.66 Ghz, 4GB RAM
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There is a difference in the way backups are stored if they are on network drive as opposed to a local external drive.


Read Pondini about how to move backups between the two type.



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