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I cannot get the Flip4Mac plugin to run a video our teachers need to view.  I already downloaded the plugin and still cannot run the video. Linda

G4 and IMac, Cinema Display adc type
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    If you can not get Flip4Mac to run VLC is a good alternative.

  • Limnos Level 8 Level 8 (44,400 points)

    It would help of you told us which format video you are trying to play.  Flip4Mac  adds functionality for Windows Media only (WMA, WMV).


    If you are installing this on older computers are you sure you are installing the right version?  Most sites are best semi-hide versions for PPC computers and just have things up front for Intel Macs.


    I use VLC and NicePlayer to play pretty much everything.


    VLC media player - http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ - general media player that plays just about anything.


    Niceplayer - http://code.google.com/p/niceplayer/

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    Sorry,  I have 4 different machines: 1 iMac running os x10.5 with vware(windows xp) on it; I have 3 iMacs running os x 10.6.


    The install said it was successful however, when I go to the training website I only get the audio not the video.  The file type I'm trying to run is wmv

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    I already have installed flip4mac and install went okay.  When i try to view the video i only get sound.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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    Frankly I don't use Flip4Mac.  I use the others I recommended.  I'm not sure if Flip4Mac works through a web browser if that's how you're trying to play these videos.  It's supposed to add functionality to Quicktime Player, but that may just be the application, not the plugin.


    I have never worked with DRM protected WMV and am not sure if Flip4Mac will play that.


    Getting audio but no video suggests the container (WMV) is working but you are missing a codec for whatever video is used.  Again, are you playing these through a browser or actual WMV files on your computer?  I always download the files so I am no expert on getting browsers to play video.


    Might want to install Perian codecs too.


    Perian codecs for Quicktime - http://www.perian.org - plugins to add functionality to Quicktime for playing additional audio and video formats. 2012- No longer being developed but may still work.