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xSurfer Level 1 (5 points)

I've never done this before and I need to convert a video from 1080p24 to Pro Res.  Can anyone give me the steps for doing this?

  • darbypsnm Level 3 (720 points)

    Without knowing whether you have this video on a card or that it was shot with this or that camera I will presume you just have the file on your desktop.


    I would suggest using Mpeg Streamclip. It is a very useful free app.

  • xSurfer Level 1 (5 points)

    The Video is on an internal HD and is 1.5 hours long.  I do have Mpeg Streamcliip and use it all the time.  But this is for a professional DVD release and I'm told Compressor is the way to go. 

  • darbypsnm Level 3 (720 points)

    We normally only work in PR422 (HQ for spots) so we convert everything before we start.
    We usually do this through log and transfer in FC or Compressor but have found that Streamclip is considerably faster(especially for converting GoPro vs. Compressor.)


    In theory Compressor should be the better app(with far more controls) but as far as just converting files to PR422 with the 422 preset we have been unable to see any difference. If time is not a factor I would use Compressor but I think even if you did a test with complex areas you will have hard time seeing the difference if there is any.


    Starting with the best should ensure everything will look the best it can down the line but how well the footage looks for an SD DVD will most likely be determined by your compression settings when you make the DVD files more than whether you used Compressor or Streamclip to make your PR file.


    I would suggest making sure your frame controls are set to best when you compress the final mpg-2 for DVD.

  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,690 points)

    This is the workflow for tapeless media in FCP:




    Your footage is most likely AVCHD, given the limited description you gave. (It would be very helpful to know the exact format, as "1080p24" is a frame size and frame rate...not a format.  DVCPRO HD, ProRes, AVCHD, AVCIntra, XDCAM...those are formats).  Also, if you don't want to use FCP, and if this is AVCHD, ClipWrap2 is what you'd use.  Not free, but good.

  • xSurfer Level 1 (5 points)

    The footage is HDV 1080p24 and has been edited with FCP.  The Producer has an editor friend who tells him Compressor is the best way to convert HDV to ProRes, then run the Neat smoothing program over the whole thing.  The final product has to be delivered in Pro Res.  I'd just like to know the best way to go about converting.  I guess I can deal with the Producer who's stuck on using Compressor on my own. 

  • bodidharma Level 1 (10 points)

    in FCP > export > quicktime  > change your Settings to ProRes and, most likely, 1920 x 1080p24 > save.

    Alot of times people who don't know anything get ideas from people who think they know, but don't.  if you deliver a good produce they don't care how you got there, only the results.