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I'm at crossroads between getting an Apogee Duest USB interface or not.I own an Avid Elven Rack.I heard the AD conversion on the duet is excellent.Apart from recording vocals & acoustic guitar through a mic,most of my music would be from internal VSTs or AU sounds & for electric guitar guitar I have the Eleven Rack. So minus the vocal & acoustic guitar quality will I be missing anything else by using the Eleven rack instead of the Duet? The Eleven rack does have midi too which ApogeDuet lacks.Will the Duet bring an overall richness on sound quality of the VST instruments or will it be the same when I record with Eleven Rack or any other interface since they are more 'internal' sounds?WIll the Apogee help in the overall mix even when not recording vocals or acoustic guitar?My DAWs are Pro tools 10 & Logic pro 9.

Also the USB duet has been around for a few years now.Will Apogee continue it's support on it atleast for a few more years when Mac OS keeps changng in time? I see al lot of folk selling their fire wire Duets.Is it ok to invest on it or wait for now?Your answers will help me decide on the Duet.



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    The appogee duet will only be helpful on the audio that's recorded deriectly into, that can take advantage of its converters ...such as vocals, keyboards, guitars, etc.  Vitual instruments and midi thats not plugged into it, wont be effected.  The duet is a great interface and I have one.  What ever is plugged into it and recorded, will sound crystal clear.  So, if you record a live acoustic guitar through a condenser mic, plugged into the duet, it will sound amazing.  It won't make a difference on vst and AU sounds because these sounds won't be plugged into the duet.  It won't help the overall mix unless sources were patched to the duet.

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    Thanks Rodney.I defnitely needed to hear that.

    This interface has been out for quite some time.Will Apogee contunue it's support during OS changes in future?The firewire interface has already been discontinued I guess.

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    Apogee have supported OS changes for quite a number of years, so I wouldn't think you need have any worries on that score. It was a bit of a surprise that they decided to go USB for the Mk.2 but I haven't heard of anyone complaining about it in practice. I'd say its worth paying a bit extra for quality gear.