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Why are Numbers, Pages and Calander Not Fully Compatible on the Formating and more between IPAD2, IPHONE4 and Mackbook etc?

All Devices are up to date on the Software, Mackbook = 10.8.2 IPAD2, IPhone4 etc...

Now I create a spreadsheet in Numbers and spend many many days and weeks Formatting it so I can use it as a Customer Data Base with drop down boxes and colors etc. I then go to Itunes and plug in my Iphones and Ipads and find the Numbers App and Add the spreadsheet to Numbers App then upon completion of the Sync it states on the device in question that it is not Compatible thus, it will remove all formatting!


Im i correct in saying that there should not be any compatibility issues, especially with basic formatting, this same issue arises with "PAGES" too.


This means i can not edit from the devices or i will loose any Formatting data upon the transfer back to the mackbook.


I have also tried ICloud and that is the same with regards to the editing, formatting and its 1000 times slower to open etc too.


This spread sheet has a few pages in it and only about 500 customers so its not large at all.


I have tried other spreadsheets and pages docs too.


I have spoken to Apple Tech team already and they are dumbfounded to say the least.