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Hello All,


I just installed OS 10.7. Spotlight can no longer find any of my files that begin with symbols, like "$."

For files that begin with letters, Spotlight appears to be OK, but for searches asking for files that begin with a symbol, it ignores my computer and wants to do a Web Search.


Has anyone seen or corrected this behavior?


Thanks in advance.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 1.83GHz Intel Core2Duo 2GB SDRAM
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    After I posted, More Like This showed up on the right with a solved question Re: My Spotlight Stopped Working.

    I did the recommended action below. This made no difference at all. Any thoughts?


    "Try rebuilding Spotlight's index. Go to Sys Prefs-Spotlight-Privacy. Drag your harddrive(s) into the window. Wait a little but, then drag it/them out. Spotlight will begin to re-index (the magnifying glass in the menu bar will begin to animate)."

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    I sent a bug report to Apple about this function that worked in OS 10.6.8 but no longer works in 10.7.5.


    No one else has seen this issue or resolved it?