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I am preparing a book for Kindle and use iWork Pages 09 4.1. I want to include 13 images. In my Pages document, I mounted all 13 as Windows Bitmap images and they appear in my document as I wish. But when I export into ePub, only 6 images are carried across. These work well and look quite clear on the Kindle but the rest are omitted and the text continues. It does not make any difference if I put text between the images - 6 remains the maximum. I have tried using JPEGs instead - and the same happens. I have been using Calibre to convert my document to view on Kindle and have no reason to believe that Calibre is at fault since when I tried exporting into Word (which I can only read through Pages) the same constraint happened and my glossary was turned into gobbledegook. My document is well within the maximum size supported by Kindle, although I see that in my Finder window it reads: 13.6MB on disk but exported shows as 1.3 MB on disk.


Can anybody suggest a solution? The Kindle support team have been unable to help and, at this late stage (I want to publish in early December), I can’t afford to either the money or the time to buy and learn to use Word.

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    Each chapter can't have images that are more than 11Mb together. More information in epub here:


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    Thank you fruhulda. Not wanting to compromise quality or layout, I've been browsing around the submissions concerning similar problems and have downladed a trial version of 3D Issue. Haven't had much time to experiment with it yet but I'm impressed that it carries the internal bookmarks of the document through via PDF although not every one activated (perhaps due to the open book layout or the fact that it's a trial version?) I'll continue to experiment but if other readers have used this and would like to share their experiences - eg is it best to go for "Lite" or "Professional"? Do you reckon it to be a worthwhile piece of software? - I'd be pleased to hear from you.