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When I use the time capsule router to download files from https://www.myonlinefilefolder.com they partially download then stop. This happens to my Macbook Air (wireless) and my Mac Mini (connected via ethernet to the time capsule). When I hook the Mac Mini directly to the DSL modem I get the complete downloads. Sometime I notice that when the time capsule is connected to the DSL modem it drops internet (the green light flashes yellow) and the download stops. Other time the light on the time capsule stays green but the download stops.

Why is this happening? It is very frustrating because when I was using a Linksys router before the time capsule my downloads always completed and, in fact, they were much faster than with time capsule.


One other thing I noticed when the Mac Mini was connected directly to the DSL modem is that the downloads would stop and start. Sort of like there was a pause and resume going on. Is it possible that the Time Capsule is seeing the pause and not seeing (or passing through to Safari) the resume? If so, that is a bug in time capsule I imagine. I am getting ready to junk this thing and go back to a linksys, which I would hate to do because I love the automatic time machine backups.


Has anyone heard of this kind of problem? slow downloads and interrupted downloads that don't resume?


By the way, the same thing happens if I use a windows laptop, so I am sure it is the time capsule and not the Mac software.

Time Capsule, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Macbook Air and Mac Mini
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    Is the dsl modem also a router.. if so is the TC in bridge mode.. you cannot use double NAT and have it reliable.


    Bridge one or the other.. if you bridge the modem then use pppoe client in the TC and see how that goes.


    To get more accurate assessment of what is going on, you probably should run a cable direct to the modem and get the full line stats which you can post here or on a forum of your ISP.. and also the log of the modem should show if the modem itself is failing.. if it having trouble without anything attached.. which I gather from what you say is happening, then you have a more general issue.


    LED light for dsl and internet on the modem can also give some info but a full log is usually better.

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    The dsl modem is not a router. In fact it is the original dsl modem I got with Earthlink back in 1999. It works great! How do I get "full line stats"? The modem is not failing and as I said above I can do the file transfers if the Mac mini is ethernet attached directly to the modem. The problem only happens when the Time Capsule is connected to the modem and the Macbook air (via wireless to the Time Capsule) or the Mac mini (via ethernet to the Time Capsule) or a Windows laptop (via wireless to the Time Capsule) connect to the internet through the Time Capsule.

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    Ok,, very unusual now to have pure modems.. they went out.. well even before 1999.. but if you can borrow or legally obtain a modem on trial, I would still have a go.. modems seldom last 10years.. let alone more than that.. and the power supplies certainly don't.


    Reset the TC and do the following.


    It should of course be in router mode.


    Set to pppoe client for connection, unless your ISP uses some other crazy method.. ipoa etc??


    Set the TC with full SMB names.. TC name, wireless names, and hard disk name.. all should be short, no spaces, pure alphanumeric.


    Lock down the wireless channels and everything else.


    See how you go.. if it fails due to the pppoe client.. if the TC is older model.. ie more than 1year since purchase.. go back to 7.5.2 firmware as the latest firmware is full of bugs.

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    Well, unfortunately, none of that helped. I did buy the TC more than a year ago. I don't know how to roll back the firmware so I am going to go to take it to the Apple store ( I have the one on one program) for assistance.


    Thanks for trying, I appreciate you taking the time to try and help me.