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i have the same problem as GFXZen but am using motion 5.0.4 would it have the same answer???

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    What are your hardware specs?

    Be sure your Mac is "authorized" for your Mac App Store/iTunes account.

    Have you tried updating to 5.0.5?

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    when i click on apple, then software update it says there are no updates available and when i go to the app store, then updates it also says there are no updates

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    is the hardware specs the hardware overview in 'about this mac > system Report > hardware overview'

    also pretty sure my mac is authorized for the app store and itunes

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    Launch the "App Store" application itself.  Go to the Store menu, towards the bottom is an option that should read eitehr "Log In" or "Log Out".  It should read "Log Out".


    What Mac model, what grahpics card, how much RAM, hard drive configuration?


    If you want to try this, you can move Motion from the Applications folder to the Trash.  Then launch the App Store application, go to the Purchased tab, and click the "Install" button for Motion for a fresh installation.

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    Re-install fixed Motion 5 greyed out buttons for me - my issue seemed to be with MacKeeper (can't believe I fell for the need for avirus scan/system cleaner. This programme has caused me no end of grief - FCP 6.6 no longer runs and neither does iWeb) - I'll have to uninstall if these issues continue... quick trash & re-install of Motion 5 from the App store & I'm up and running again.