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I had a friend load Aperture into this new laptop. Without knowing he loaded every photo I ever took. The whole point of buying Aperture was to start afresh. So I want to remove everything and start again by importing from the 1st of January this year.


Help!! I'm afraid if I delete/export anything I will lose it

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You can have several Aperture libraries.


    Create a smart album in Aperture

    New > Smart Album      from the main menu bar


    then click "Add Rule" and pick "date".

    In the "Smart Settings " HUD set the Date to after 01.01.2012.


    This will give you a smart album with all images taken after 1.1.2012.


    Then export this album as a new Aperture library.


    File > Export > Smart Album as New Library.



    Select the new library in the Finder and double click it.  If you are satisfied, all images have been imported o.k., select all images and use

    File > Consolidate Originals.


    This will move all referenced original files into your new library.  Work with it and explore the new library.


    If you are satisfied, back up the old library and delete it from your system drive, if you want.




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    Hi LeonieDF

    Many thanks, I'm a bit green with this. That would have helped but now I have a bigger issue.


    All the Projects and images seem to be in the trash, don't know how that happened 'user error' I guess.


    There was an upgrade when I switched Aperture in each library and that may have contributed. The issue now is that all the Projects/files/images are in the Aperture trash, how do I get them back. I've tried dragging them and that doesn't seem to work.




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    Hi Leonie,


    All the Projects and images seem to be in the trash, don't know how that happened 'user error' I guess.

    Have you tried the "Put Back" command?


    Open the Trash, select the images/projects/items in the Trash and czrl-click.

    Then select "Put Back" from the pop-up menu.





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    Many thanks, I have had this software for months but have been busy. So no doubt more issues will come soon. The trash was worrying because a lot of images were being used on the isleofronalog.wordpress./com blog.


    These replies have helped enormously,