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Hi, I know that many of you have probably heard this question a lot, and yes I have looked at other threads, but I wanted to ask this question myself:


What do you think about Gmail vs iCloud mail?


I know that Gmail is more powerful with more features, but I use a client so I don't use those extra features.  I wanted to know what you guys think about iCloud in terms of reliability (I know it had problems, but that was a while ago) and compatibility (will all my messages make it to my iCloud account like they go to my Gmail).


I own a MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad so I know iCloud would be more integrated, but I feel uneasy for some reason about depending on iCloud mail. I know that Google is the authority on mail, but I was just considering switching.


Plus:  I don't like google's privacy.  If you click the "why this ad" in the inbox it tells you that it is based on your messages.  Thats just blatant privacy breaching, although I have nothing to hide and wouldn't leave gmail just for that (probably).




Thank you for my piece of mind!

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