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Hi there,


I have bought a time capsule and have moved my music library to an external drive attached to it. I have kept just my music on there and intend to keep my time machine backups on the TC itself. I did it properly with consolidating everything etc.


The issue i'm having is that when I dont click on the TC in finder first to connect that when I open itunes it automatically defaults to the old itunes library which is still on the imac. (running 10.8.2) .


Like I said, I have not set the Time machine backups on the TC yet, would this fix the issue? It is ok if I remember to click on it in finder  but would rather not have to do that every time. 


Thanks for your advice in advance.

Time Capsule, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    This is really a bad idea.. the TC is bad enough.. a USB drive on the TC is slow as molassas in winter..


    And ML has the networking stability of wet string.


    Use external drive plugged directly into the computer.. not a network drive.

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    I have actually found the whole thing to work rather well so far. It's just that I would like the time capsule and attached drive to mount automatically so that when itunes opens it automatically finds the library on that tc's attached drive.


    I have transferred the music via a wired connection as yes, over wifi transferring the music was going to take days. This is my setup and it would be good to get a simple yes/ no regarding the mounting issue.


    The reason I have moved the music is so that sonos can access the music. I dont want to keep the music on my imac any more as the two would then not match.


    Thanks for you help and assistance in advance.