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I'm attempting to setup a script that will search a volume for all files of a specific extension then copy them to a folder that syncs with Dropbox. I'm very close, but am encountering an error.


Below is my script and the error.

rsync --progress -amch --stats --include="*/" --include="*.aep" --exclude="*" "/Volumes/MyName" "/Users/MyName/Dropbox/User Backups/MyName"




rsync: opendir "/Volumes/MyName/.DocumentRevisions-V100" failed: Permission denied (13)

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Is it because it's trying to copy a trashed file? I thought that adding


    would solve this, but no luck.

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    Apparently the error is non-critical. I've refined the code. Feedback welcome.



    echo "Preparing to backup your  data to Dropbox"
    dropbox_account='/Users/Home/Dropbox/AdminFiles/User Backups/MyName/'
    current_date=`date +%Y%m%d`
    rsync -avmct --stats --human-readable --itemize-changes --log-file="${backup_path}.log" --progress \
    --include="*/" --include="*.aep" --include="*.fcp" \
    --exclude="*" --exclude=".*" \
    "/Volumes/MyName" "${backup_path}"
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    Your quoting will get you in trouble. The strong quotes in


    dropbox_account='/Users/Home/Dropbox/AdminFiles/User Backups/MyName/'

    works but weak quotes would be sufficent.


    dropbox_account="/Users/Home/Dropbox/AdminFiles/User Backups/MyName/"


    This has unmatched strong quotes that causes an error and ${current_date} or ${dropbox_account} wouldn't expand anyways.



    Your best effort would be to avoid file names with spaces if you are using the shell.


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    Thanks Mark! Changes made.


    Does the syntax and everything seem proper? I still get that permission issue, but the script runs. I'm not too familiar with scripting, but my mind is wired that way so I can generally figure our what I need with some trial and error.

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    Yes, your script looks pretty good.  You might want to copy the extended attributes for the fcp and aep files. You could avoid the permissions problems by by-passing the OS X gobbledegoop at the root level of the volume. Narrow rsync's search path by specifying multiple directories on your volume. I'm assuming your shell is bash- you could use braced expansion.


    /Volumes/MyName/{SOURCE_ONE,SOURCE_TWO,SOURCE_THREE} "${backup_path}"
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    Perfect. Thanks Mark.


    I reallly appreciate the help.