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I have an apple XRAID with two controllers and 14 750GB drives. This and the server is connected to a silkwork 200e. I can mount the raid in Disk Utility, etc. but I can't see the LUNs in XSAN 3.


Interestingly if I break the array in disk utility and then re-create it the LUNs will show up temporarily in XSAN.


I took a look at the array in RAID Admin, but the LUN masking is turned off as far as I can tell.

XSAN, OS X Server, XRAID, Mountain Lion 10.8.2
Solved by Blaidd Drwg on Nov 16, 2012 3:24 AM Solved

You can't use a software RAID set with Xsan. Break the array. Partition each of the two LUNs as free space. If necessary, use the "dd" command in TS1268 to wipe out existing filesystem metadata. You should be able to label the LUNs for Xsan then.