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I have an Iphone 4S.  When I first got the phone, it would turn it self off multiple times during the day and night.  I contacted Apple Support and they were never able to resolve the problem.  The next time I updated my iOS, it fixed the problem.  The next time I upgraded to the new version of iOS, it broke my phone again.  I was working great with iOS 6.0.  With the new release of 6.01., my phone is again shutting itself off randomly and the battery consumption is way up.  I cannot even go a full day with most energy consumption features turned off.  Any ideas on what the OS folks are doing and why this happening with every other release of the OS?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, See text above
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    Just because YOU have a problem with YOUR phone doesn't mean there's a problem with the OS.  I have NEVER had a problem updating any of my iDevices since they came out, nor has anyone I know.


    What is the purpose of your posting anyway?  We're users here just like you, so your asking us what the OS folks ar working on is pointless since we would have no idea what Apple is doing.

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    Other than updating the device, what troubleshooting has been done?

    And, is your device running any jailbroken software by any chance?

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    I sort of have the same issue with one of our Iphone 4S. We bought it unlocked at an Apple Store. And it randomly shuts itself off every once in a while, not every day. To turn it back on you have to press home-lock buttons, as if you are resetting it. Only pressing the lock-on/off button does nothing. Has done this on ios 6.0 and 6.0.1 regardless of the battery %. Battery consumption is ok.


    I've restored the phone several times and set up as new but it still does this. This particular phone has no 3rd party apps installed.