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A friend has lost his Logic Pro 9 installation disks.

He wants to borrow my Logic Studio installation disks and to use his own Logic Pro 9 serial number for product registration.

Logic Studio contains more software than Logic Pro 9 and also much additional audio content (Jam Packs etc).


My questions are...


  1. Can my friend only install Logic Pro 9 without installing the rest of the Logic Studio Suite software?
  2. Will his product serial number be usable with Logic Pro 9 off my Logic Studio installation disk?
  3. What if he installs the other software and audio content - will his Logic Pro 9 registration product serial number work with this other Studio software?


Thanks in anticipation of your help....

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    That would be pirating software...


    All the JamPacks are available for download within Logic Pro. MainStage and Compressor are available as individual purchases. The Impulse Response Utility is include inside Logic Pro/MainStage.

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    I have no intention of promoting piracy - all I want is for him to use my Installtion Disk/s for whatever he is permitted to install given he bought a proper Logic Pro 9 license sometime ago.


    So let me check my understanding here - are you saying that he can only install Logic Pro 9 and not any of the other software or audio content from my nine Disks included in my Logic Studio package?


    Are you also saying that he will get Jam Packs included as a download from within his Logic Pro 9 install and therefore should not install them from my other disks?


    Thanks in advance.