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  • dwz2013 Level 1 Level 1

    Power cycle = turn the phone off then back on


    Set up as new = this will require backing up the phone to your computer.  Make sure you have your photos saved as well and any other data you don't want to lose. Then go to SETTINGS - GENERAL - RESET - ARASE AND RESET ALL SETTINGS.

    This will wipe your phone clean and back to factory settings. Now you are going to start the process of setting your phone up again. When you get to the choice of "set up as new phone" and "restore from backup" you'll want to choose "set up as new".


    Now sync it with you iTunes and, assuming that you have all your contacts in Outlook, they will sync back to your phone. You will have to choose your apps from your iTunes account to be installed back to your phone and you will have to reset your emails.


    All in all, for me at least, it was worth the time. Shortly after posting my original email above I performed this process and have had no further trouble (knocking on wood).


    Good luck.

  • Roxpat Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks dwz2013 - I will give it a shot!

  • Tony_ Level 1 Level 1

    Some of our users encounter this very critical issue and I found out that this error is known over 1 year and no fix so far.

    The user writes a mail while flying. Of course the device can't send the mail because it got no connection -> so the mail is in the outbox.

    Then arriving at the airport with 3G/E connection again. The mail is gone from outbox and makes the sound for "mail sent". But the mail never arrives and is also not the sent items folder.


    Tracking on our Exchange server says the mail never arrived in our company network.


    So you say resetting the device will help?

    Why does Apple not say something to this issue?

  • dwz2013 Level 1 Level 1

    I wish I could say that solved my problem.  It doesn't happen nearly as frequently..... or does it?  The problem is that you don't really know it is happening until you check.  When I did see that an e-mail was not sent and disappeared I turned my iPhone off and then on.  After the power cycle it worked fine.  I have done this on a few occasions when I noticed the problem resurrected itself.  Another note is when I have the problem, none of the 5 e-mail accounts work.......meaning none will send out an e-mail and they disappear regardless of which one I use.  I have changed all my emails from POP to IMAP and "don't think" I have had anymore issues.  Hopefully with the new IOS7 all issues will be put to rest.  I wish I had better news.  Its strange how many people have this problem and Apple is supposedly not aware of this issue.

  • Roxpat Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't had it happen to me for a while, but it does seem to happen in waves. The account from which I send the emails doesn't seem to influence it either. It seems as though the emails were sent - but instead they disappear into the abyss.


    Have only been on IOS7 for a few days but so far so good. That said, I haven't had any "lost" emails for a month or so.

  • Mattias333 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the exact same problem, I sent a bunch of emails yesterday. And today I noteiced they are all gone, nothing in Sent nothing in drafts.

    I then tried to email myself, I got the swish sound, it never arrived and when I checked my sent box it was gone.

    I restarted tje phone and it started to work again.


    This ***** bigtime, cause now I cannot trust my phone when sending emails any more.


    I am on 7.0.2

  • best a/v tech ever Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly what Mattias333 said, I realized earlier today it was happening with my iPhone 4S as well.  Turning it off and back on fixed it.  We'll see for how long.

  • Tony_ Level 1 Level 1

    Is there a way to report this bug to Apple?

    Why does Apple not react to this? This bug is known several years now.

  • Vpyc Level 1 Level 1

    Exact same problem here as well with a gmail and an outlook account on an iPhone 5 under iOS7


    Problem exists on wifi and 3g. No clue how to fix this. Best workaround for now is to systematically reboot your iPhone (home + on/off) before sending the email.

    Had the problem already with iOS6.


    Desperatly looking for a solution

  • Lizforce Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, same issue here. I already had this on iOS6. Now I have Gmail and an Exchange account (business mail through MobileIron) on an iPhone 5 under iOS7. As an alternative I now use the Gmail-app, but I do not have a workaround for my business mail yet (I will check the app store for an alternative mail app which supports Exchange).


    This seems to be the same issue as: In that thread there is also no solution to this problem.


    Apple, please help. For the other people, please click on "I have this question too" in the first message. I'm afraid a lot of users have this without knowing it or they do not know the right search terms to find this thread.

  • ajbinmpca Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree with other posters.  iOS 6 mail was much more reliable.  I am canceling my pending iPhone 5s order until this is fixed.

  • freshjerky Level 1 Level 1

    I'm adding myself to this list of people having this problem. I am on a iPhone 5 v7.0.3 with an Exchange and Gmail account setup. This is very disheartening that I cannot trust my phone.

  • CKistanbul Level 1 Level 1

    hi people, I have iphone 5 iOS 7.0.3 so the must updated one as of today...using gmail and exchange and I have exactly the same problem. It seems this is not about gmail, or exchange or the country or service provider .. because many people on the post from different countries, different mail and service providers have the same annoying problem.

    I only noticed it when people started telling me they never received my emails. In fact, the emails I have sent was never sent and they are not also in the sent items mailbox. so they have all disappeared.


    well, I tried resetting (by pressing home and power button for few seconds) it started working, but after few days again it started not sending. I did not have this problem in my previous iphones.


    when you go to apple store, they usually hear the problem for the first time, and the only solution they would think of is to reset or re-set up your device. crazy!


    dear apple technicians, this is official apple forum, people here all over the world are reporting this problem since 9 months, you cannot be NOT AWARE of the problem.


    awaiting a proper solution. thanks

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5

    CKistanbul wrote:



    dear apple technicians, this is official apple forum, people here all over the world are reporting this problem since 9 months, you cannot be NOT AWARE of the problem.


    awaiting a proper solution. thanks


    Dear CKistanbul.  This is the user-to-user forum.  Apple does not monitor these forums for feedback.

    Go to and give feedback there.

  • ajbinmpca Level 1 Level 1

    Not sure if it helps everyone, but after I removed the email accounts and readded them, I no longer had this outgoing email problem.  I also turned on the "BCC myself" feature so I can manually see when emails are departing...