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    I already used the feedback form several weeks ago referencing to this thread.

    All you can do is posting in this thread and hit the "I have this question too" link in the original post and also use the feedback form.

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    This just happened to me this morning.  I have a 5s running iOS 7.0.3 with an exchange e-mail account connected through EAS. 


    This is what happened:


    1. Spent about 25 mins on a very important message while riding my exercise bike (connected to gym WiFi)
    2. Pushed send
    3. Within ~30 seconds I received a pop-up saying that the message couldn't be sent (I clicked okay)
    4. I went to the outbox and the message was there with a red exclamation point
    5. I opened the message to view it and see if I could try to send again
    6. Then another message popped up saying something like mail couldn't be retrieved (I clicked okay)
    7. I pushed send on the message again
    8. This action returned me to the outbox view... which was now empty.
    9. Several hours later it occurred to me that should double check that it actually went through.

    Checked sent items... not there.  Checked outbox, not there.  I cannot find it anywhere.


    This was a very important business e-mail to Sr. executives (and I was REALLY happy with the note).  So now I'm in the horrible position of trying to write a critical e-mail and my mind keeps trying to re-create the one I already wrote!

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    Unbelieveable this problem has been running this long without firm resolution. I'm running IOS 7.03 on an iPhone 5S with exactly this recurring issue. Removing the account and a half dozen other 'tricks' temporarily resolves the issue but it regularly comes back. Very dissapointing considering how fundamental it is to be able to trust your email 'going somewhere' <- even if it isn't to the right place.


    My current theory is it has somethign to do with 'transitioning' from wifi/4G/3G networks in that something breaks in the sending sequence so emails are just not processed properly. Then the aforementioned 'tricks' reset the sequence until it breaks again.


    I'd be interested to know if anyone has been able to resolve this once and for all?

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    Yes unbelievable is too nice of a word %#@&$ frustrating is more like it. It is so random just when I think something might work another will fly to cyberspace never to be found. Its not the IOS and happens to me at home sitting still after 20 or 30 emails will work fine.I thought it was the 3G 4G 4lte thing but now I doubt that too. My latest loss on the new IOS went to outbox where I sent it [I thought } again got the noise but poof its gone. I think what makes me so mad is Apple ignoring this. I see over 5000 views now and 15 or more threads with the same issues now iphone and ipad users. I have lost more emails than I cant count on one hand now. This is a critical error problem. I noticed someone may have hacked my apple account and changed my password too,not sure if they are related but it took 5 or 6 times [password wrong it said] to even sign in to this and respond. My friend with a 5s on the latest IOS said it happened to her too.

    ^$@#%^ frustrating. I cant trust the phone and that makes me very angry [as I compose this on a PC] I do know family members with a phone that is not made by Apple have never heard of this or had a problem. Anyone reading these know how to get Apple to respond? This last time it happened to me I was recieving a email and I think it was the exact time I sent one. I too have lost some critcal and long time consuming to type emails. This *****.No answer. Very stupid to have this problem for sooooo long now.

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    Now it told me I am not authorized to post on this thread

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    Now I tap and hold for a second on a email before I send it,then expand the blue dots to include everything I typed, when you resease  it asks copy/speak so I must copy it ,then send it ,and if it flys off to the unknown and is gone I can compose a new email using paste. Beware....just when I think this wont happen again it does even with all new IOS updates and has happened to me for over a year now but is also worldwide all types of iphones and ipads several carriers and wifi too. What a stupid smart phone game.

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    I know this is an old post, but want to put it out there as what I did to resolve the issue.  I too have email vanished after I click send a few days ago and what I did was I did a network reset.  Then i have no trouble sending email again.  So I think it might have to do the network you are on, maybe there are so glitches there.

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    I have been having email problems just disappearing since upgrading to iOS 7. Happens on wifi and 3G and with all 3 emails on my phone. Rebooting phone will always clear it but then it randomly returns, SO incredibly irritating, I keep trying not to send emails but of course have to &amp; get lulled into forgetting the problem for a few days &amp; then find long complex email has vanished.

    I have been speaking to apple support for the last 6 weeks on this, said they had never heard of it before. I referred them to this and other relevant posts but think all should contact them !  At first they seemed helpful but now they very obviously do not know what o do to fix this , I will be leaving apple but of course am currently locked into a contract. Grrrrr

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    RIGHT - I believe that I have found the problem for me:


    I have 3 email accounts on my phone - 2 work and a social one.  I turn on and off the work ones(never the social one!!)  depending on whether I want to receive emails or not.  Whenever I turn off my exchange account  I get the problem we have been describing of disappearing emails with no warning. When I reboot the phone it is then fine until such time as I turn on exchange email again , use it for a while and then turn it off - and then I have the problem.


    So, not sure of the fix yet but I believe that is what is happening with my phone. I would be VERY intereted to know if anyone else has the same problem - please post !!



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    I am in the same boat as you HeYow. I have multiple email accounts on my iPhone too - among them a social Gmail account, and a work Exchange account. I turn my work Exchange email off at the end of the day, and back on again the next day so I don't get 50 work emails overnight.

    I am having exactly the same problem as everybody else. Equally as sporadic as everybody else. And am as equally frustrated... no... furious as everybody else.

    Does anybody else have the same problem, as well as a similar style of using their phone as HeYow and me?

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