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I am encountering a problem installing iDVD on my new MBP with Mountain Lion.  I installed iDVD as a custom install from my iLife 11 original disk.  With that I had themes 6 and 7 only with the older themes greyed out. I clicked on one of the greyed out themes and received the message that I could get an update, but it goes to the apps store and simply stops there. Seems they cannot be downloaded anymore from Apple.


So I copied the themes 1-5 from the Application Support/iDVD/Themes folder that I have on my older MBP with Snow Leopard.  I then copied those themes into the Themes folder on my new MBP.  I did a repair permissions from disk utility and rebooted.  However when I open up iDVD themes from 6 and 7 are ok but the old themes all appear just as a yellow triangle.  There seems to be a broken link there somewhere. 


Following what some others have suggested, I tried downloading update 7.0.1 and opened it with Pacifist.  There were only Themes 5,6,7, in there. I tried adding themes 5 out of 7.0.1 into the Application Support/iDVD/Themes folder on my MBP with Mountain Lion, tried repairing permissions (none to repair) rebooted and then tried iDVD, but while themes 6 and 7 are ok, it does not recognise the Themes 5 folder or any of the older themes.


Any suggestions as to what I can do next to have access to the old themes from iDVD?  Waikato 99

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    You can try the solutions offered in this topic: iDVD themes missing: Apple Support Communities. They worked for some, not for others.



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    I did try the solutions offered in the topic "iDVD themes missing: Apple Support Communities," but it seemed not to work.  I also added iweb to the applications support folder as you suggested. I did delete cashes and set the link as in nomoreinflu's post (though it was set correctly already so I didn't need to change anything).  So at the moment iDVD works with themes 6 and 7, but will not recognise old themes.

    My most recent trial is to add just the theme 1 (to join the themes 6 and 7) in the applications support/idvd/themes folder but still the old themes are either greyed out or give an error message with the yellow triangle.  I will attach a screen shot here showing some of the themes 1 icons with the error icon and then a couple of the others above (from themes 2?) greyed out.  Not sure what to try next. 


    Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 3.36.13 PM.png

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    Found this post by dsimagry regarding adding the themes which may or may not work: How can i get all the 150 themes for...: Apple Support Communities.



    I think I have a way you might be able to get the older themes, if you have them on the hard drive to be recognized by iDVD.  Try this with one of the themes.


    If you have any favorite themes saved do the following:


    1 - go to your Home/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Installed Favorites folder.

    2 - copy one of the themes you want to get iDVD to recognize into that folder.

    3 - change the extension from .theme to .favorite

    4 - launch iDVD and to to the Favorites section of the Themes window.


    If you don't have any favorites already saved create the Home/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Installed Favorites folder and follow steps 2 - 4 above. 

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    Tried, but still doesn't work.

    I'm getting some weird results.

    I saved one of the theme 6 themes "reflection white" as a favorite.

    I also saved "reflection black" as a favorite.

    And I added "picture in picture" from themes 3 off my old mac and renamed it "picture.favorite"

    As you can see below when I do an "option - go" I get what you see in the first screen shot below.  The "reflection black has disappeared somewhere and also iDVD 7 has disappeared also.


    I don't seem to be able to add text below the screen shot, so I'll create another follow up to this..

    Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.33.07 PM.png

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    Then if I start with my Macintosh HD, I see that the themes 7 are back but the favorites folder does not appear.

    Will add another below...

    Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.33.56 PM.png

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    And when I go into iDVD and go into favorites I find that the "reflections white" is there, the "reflections black" has now appeared and my "picture" file does not appear

    Will add a 4th response below.

    Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.35.06 PM.png

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    And if I do a "search this Mac" for "reflections black" I find that it is in a "favorites" folder (see below), but where is that folder?  As noted in my response above, when I do an "option - go" to show the application support/iDVD folder, there is no "reflection black" appearing in the favorites folder.


    I have tried deleting idvd cashe and restarting etc.  but doesn't help.   Any suggestions?

    Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.36.12 PM.png

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    If hou look at the bottom of the screenshot you'll see the location:  HD/Users/Shared/iDVD/Favorites.




    You checked the box to make it available for all users on your Mac so it was put into the Shared folder.  Move it to your Home/Library/...... folder with the other favorite.

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    Pity not to notice that.  OK have moved it to the home library and now I have both reflection black and reflection white in my favorites folder and I can access them.  But still doesn't solve the problem of recognising any of the old themes.  I have tried taking one them (picture in picture from themes 3), renamed it and inserted it in the favorites folder as in the screen shot below.  Then deleted cashe, repaired permissions and restarted.  When I do that and go to iDVD my "picture.favorite" has disappeared from the favorites folder.  Seems any favorites have to be saved into the folder and I can't do that as the old theme is greyed out and I have no way to actually save it.  Somehow just inserting the theme in the folder does not work. 

    Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 5.23.19 PM.png