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I love the new iPad, but it only syncs about 25% of my photos.  These photostream photos are recent and they are under 1000, it only synced maybe my most recent 100 photos.  I have plenty of memory.  I have done everything the apple help center tells me to do....(I'm on wifi, I have battery, iCloud sync photostream is on, I have reset it). I have also restarted my device, installed any updates, my other Devices include the ancient iPad 1 and an iPhone 4S, no problems with those devices syncing Photos, documents, or apps. 

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    Are you syncing the photos from iTunes or trying to add the photos to your photo stream? They are two different processes.


    you said it is only syncing about 25% of your photos. "Syncing" is what you do with iTunes. Are the photos that are "missing" from the iPad in the same photos folder from which you sync your other photos? All photos must be in the same main photo folder when you sync and they must all be included with each sync.


    Explain in more detail what you are doing.

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    Oops, no photostream.  All photos are in my photostream and what is weird about the scenario is all new photos come up fine, it is just photos say 2.5 months old that are not coming up on the new iPad.  They both appear on my old iPad and 4s with no difficulty..  I'm sure there is an easy manual way to do it I just don't want to. 

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    Are you sure that the Photo Stream photos that are on the iPad and the iPhone aren't really in the camera roll on this devices .... Maybe you saved them to the camera roll from the Photo Stream.


    Photos that are over 30 days would have been deleted from the Photo Stream wouldn't they have been? If you saved them to the camera roll on the other devices they would still appear on those devices.


    I am really just starting to use Photo Stream myself, and im noe expert by any menas, but I am getting my information from here. However, I could be misunderstanding how it works, since I am new to the whole thing myself.


    iCloud: PhotoStream FAQ




    The article also explains how to add photos manually to the PhotoStream from your computer. And now that I think about it, the PhotoStream contents are not in your backup so restoring from the backup would not transfer them to the new iPad and only photos that you have taken - after you turned on PhotoStream on the new iPad, should appear in the PhotoStream on the device.

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    Try Dropbox. Very straight forward app. Then turn on photo upload. All your photos/videos/files accessible from any device. Beats iCloud to the pulp.


    App Store > Dropbox for iPad. There are also iPhone/Mac/PC versions.

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    I am having the same issue. I have over 250 photos in photostream that are on my iphone 4. When I check photostream on my ipad mini only about 30 show up and they are a newer with some random old ones. Not sure how to fix this issue.



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    I know for sure it is the stream, I even deleted my other albums after backing them up on iTunes.  I know they stay in the cloud for 30 days, but it dosent explain why when I first installed the update for iCloud for my 4s and old ipad within 6 months of each other they both had all of the same pics after restarting the stream on both devices.  Weird. Might try Dropbox!  Oh and the pics in my stream on my new ipad are kind of random, all fairly recent but not all of them in that time frame and some random ones that are much older....and I'm nowhere near the limit of photos.

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    I am having this issue as well. Out of 301 photos in my photostream, my iPad mini only picked up 89 & that's not it, My Apple TV that I purchased with the iPad Only Streamed 29 Out of 301. It weird, it didn't even Stream all the pics in my upload folder. Why isn't this working correctly ?

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    MBP i7 OSX Mountain Lion

    iPad mini 16gb wifi + cellular


    I have the same problem. Only some of the pictures from camera roll appear in the photstream. Even pictures taken on the ipad mini which are present in the camera roll do not show up in photostream on the ipad mini. When the ipad mini is connected to MBP they dont show up either?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.