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I used feedvalidator.org to test our site, http://tradiov.com/sf/ (for which we use Wordpress) and got the green light.
In using that url on the iTunes submission, I received the following error message:


Error parsing feed: invalid XML: error on line 101: The element type "img" must be terminated by

the matching end-tag "</img>".

I'm not sure how to go about fixing this issue.
Could anyone possibly help me out?



iTunes, Windows 7
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    Firstly, the link you posted is not a feed, it's a web page with an embedded video. There is an RSS link leading to




    This is an rss feed but not a podcast feed as there are no media file in it. iTunes will not recognize a feed which does not have episodes containing valid media files: these must be .mp3, .m4a., .m4v, .mov or .mp4, not Flash, YouTube or streaming videos. The feed itself tested as valid but without media files it's not a podcast.


    You may find it helpful to read this page which explains the basics of podcast creation:



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    OK - so Roger you seem to by the "error parsing feed" fix-it guy and God knows I need a fix-it guy!  I am new to this, so please bear with me.  I believe my feed is at http://www.mascotpodcast.com/feed/podcast/ and I was able to validate it at Feed Validator, but when I "Submit a Podcast" I get the following error message:


    Error parsing feed: INvalid XML: Error on line 236:The element type "img" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</img>".


    If I could find the line in question, I suppose I could add the matching end-tag (maybe), but I am simply lost.


    Any help is greatly appreciated.




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    That URL automatically redirects to http://www.mascotpodcast.com/podcasts in a browser - this ia a web page.. Also trying to download it from the link produces the same page.


    If you subscribe to the URL manually in iTunes it does appear but with no title and no episodes.


    If you can get rid of the redirection it may be possible to look at the feed and see if there is a problem. It would be helpful if you could start a new thread.