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I am having NAT problems when connecting to Xbox Live. My current setup is a 5th generation Airport Extreme router with firmware version 7.6.1 and Motorola SB-6121 modem. My ISP is Comcast. I have a wired connection to my Xbox however I have this same problem if I use a wireless connection. I can connect to Xbox Live with no problems however my NAT type is changing between Open which is preferred and Moderate. It is a tossup each time I turn the system on which NAT type I will get. I have had several discussions with Senior Techs at Apple but we have had no luck in solving the problem. I have tried forwarding the ports recommended by Xbox, setting up a static ip and making the Xbox the default host, and making a DHCP reservation for the Xbox with NAT-PMP enabled and disabled without any luck. I have tried factory resetting also which didnt work. I have tried another 5th generation AE and have the same issues but I tried a Netgear router with UPNP enabled and it worked with no problem, however I want to stick with the AE if possible. I know the AE is not on the list of compatible routers for Xbox Live but I know many people use them anyway with no problems. If someone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. If I need to provide any more information about my setup I can do so. Thanks!