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MT Lion Server, NetInstall


Anyone ever see these Yellow Triangles in NetInstall.


Seems like NetInstall is confused.


I have tried practically everything and cannot get the triangles to go away. Bounced File Sharing, Bouce NetInstall, reboot, several times, nothing.


And what is even more weird, if you drag the .nbl folder out of the NetBootSPO folder, it changes to Green. Makes no sense.


NetBoot is actually functioning and in this case doing Casper Imaging. But wierd on the Yellow Triangles.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I just updated my Lion server to ML server. Had the triangles as well. In my case I have a clone of Lion server mounted on another drive. The yellow triangles meant that there were duplicates, which is correct cause they were on the clone as well. So I went to Server app, netinstall, settings, edit storage settings and turned off the clone and my triangles turned to green circles, everything ok.

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    Awesome, worked like a champ.


    Thanks so much, finally, All Green!