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I'm getting progressively more and more pain in my thumb and wrist, which isn't being helped by using a trackpad, as it requires direct pressure on it to execute right-clicks.  No doubt there are others who've dealt with this problem and was wondering what alternatives have worked.  I'm wondering if a Wacom Bamboo pen and tablet would work or if the act of picking up and putting down the pen would be onerous. Can anyone offer solutions that have helped?


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Have you tried the Tap-to-Click and Two-Finger-Tap for right-click settings?

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    Thanks for the suggestion.  I did try, but the problem seems to be that "untraining" me from using my thumb on the left-clicks is very hard, so I'm thinking I need to try something completely different.

    I went out this week and picked up a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, but that wasn't the answer.  Setting it up was onerous, then problems ensued with getting the pen to behave (it probably wasn't correctly configured) and I finally gave up.  No doubt others have found it a wonderful device, but I found Don Norman's observations on this sort of thing being less to do with human error (as it's likely, if I'd invested lots more time, that it would have worked) and more to do with poor design came to mind (in configuring, anyway).

    So, still got a sore thumb and wrist, and still looking for a solution!