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When Apple launched the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 I guess it was a boost for the Australian technology industry, with Australia on the launch country lists. Needless to say, the iPhone is the most common phone in Australia. The only other competition would be Samsung but they are still behind with technologies and haven't quite got there yet. In saying that, the tested Apple and their technological capabilities. More to the point of iOS 6 though, with Australia as a launch country it begs the question why the 'Turn-by-Turn' navigation was not included with Apple's criticised Maps. No doubt Australians will buy the iPhone 5 or update their iPhones to iOS 6 without but why would they not include it anyway. Did they make a specific iOS 6 clone without Turn-by-Turn for Australia? The question still lies, When is Turn-by-Turn coming to Australia?

iOS 6.0.1
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according to this list it should be available this month not sure exactly what day http://www.apple.com/ios/feature-availability/