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I am sorry I am bothering you again. But, as I progress in my editing more questions pop up.

I am comparing the image quality of prores422 and 7toX media, but see no difference ONLY In a sequence shot at night.

The rest is practically difficult to determine at simple view.


The question is one sequence is 25i and the other is 25p I am wondering if that would affect the image quality...cause for some reason from the mateiral

brought in via 7toX I cant set sequence to 25p. Should I be able to do this? Should I do this?


I know the diff between i and progressive is a drag to explain. I am not asking for that as I can google. I just want practical info.




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from sydneyfile


(it doesnt let me upload image..... for some reason) I have a screen shot.

Final Cut Pro X, Quicktime
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    okay just found out there is no difference

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    7toX only creates an XML file, that points to the original QT file on your hard drive.  It is the exact same file either way, there is no difference at all.


    BUT, you are switching from Interlaced to Progressive, which is NOT a good idea.  If the original is Interlaced, keep it that way thorugh the end of the project.