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I recently bought a MacBook Pro 13inch just last thursday and I came to notice in the iStat Pro Battery Info the Battery Health is 97%. Is this normal? Number of Cyles are 7.

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    I wouldn't worry about it.  I just got a new MacBook Pro a few weeks ago, and, after 22 charges, the health % has fluctuated between 91 and 100%.

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    Thanks! Mine is 1 week old and even though i didn't do any 0% to 100% battery charges the cycle count is 10 and health is around 96% now. I hope this is normal.

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    Be aware that "health" cn be "current charge" or "max possible charge".


    As Steve Ar said, both can vary a bit.


    My MBP (see attached image from Cononut Battery Monitor, Screen shot 2012-11-17 at 12.18.30 PM.png


    This can be downloaded from macupdate.com)


    My MBP has been powered constantly for the last few day, but has dropped to 95%.  It does this to prevent the "constant use" of the recharge circuits, and will recharge itself to 100% when it drops below 95%.  Also the max charge is more than design, but will not stay at that max charge ... it will change a litlle even rising fromover 7000 mAh occasionally.


    To keep your battery healthy, do NOT run it dead.  That kills LithiumIon batteries.  You need to exercise those LithiumIons sometimes or they get fat and lazy.  Use the system on battery only at least once a month, down to 50% or 60% and then recharge.


    Also note that the life-limit of LI batteries is about 1000 cycles (each full charge is 1 cycle, 2 charges from 50% to 100% is 1 cycle, etc).  It can exceed that, but the closer yo get to 1000 to more likely it is to need replacing.

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    Take steve359's battery advice and you can have a healthy battery for years to come. CoconutBattery is a convenient way to check the status instead of wading through the "About This Mac/more info" procedure.


    Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 3.48.05 PM.jpg

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    Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 7.20.52 AM.png

    I am using coconutbattery as well. So far I have let the battery go down to %0 twice one was to calibrate and the other a mistake(I wonder is this why the health is 96%?). I am mostly connected to power but I use it without power but it doesn't drop below 80%. I will keep in mind your advice on how to keep it running well! You seem to be taking care of it pretty well!

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    And one more thing when I put the MBP to sleep should I keep it connected to power or not?

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    You can leave it attached to power even when turned off.


    As long as you run it on battery once a month.


    And even though the adapter has builr in surge protector, it does not hurt to have another buffer between the adapter and the wall power.  But that is me being paranoid.

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    i have a macbook pro 2011 early....the last 2 weeks my battery health 91% 420 cycles goes to 83 % with 450 cycles and i don't play games!

    the last weeks i charged them to 100% and them recharged to 0% (according to apple i must do it for maximum efficiency)

    also i put protector stick under it....

    the only thing i do is safari - iwork - another busnss apps

    i buy it from apple at january 2011

    please help me