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My daughter has an ipod touch and an itunes account.  My son now has an ipod touch and an ipod account.  I (their father) has an itunes account and an old ipod used just for music.  We only have one computer at home with itunes loaded on it.  All my music is from CD's as I don't make online purchases of music.  How can it work to keep each ipod seperate? 


An example is that my son's username and password are now showing up on my daughters ipod.  Programs that my son bought online (for his video games on his ipod touch) are now being updated to my daughters ipoid.  It is a freakin mess!!!!


What can I do???


I am not an apple user nor do I have an apple computer.  I had an ipod just play music but now with all the overlap, I cannot differentiate one's ipod from another.  I don't want to lose any of my son's games that he purchased either!


Thanks in advance!!!



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    You posted this question in the iMac (Intel) Forum. If you posted in the iTunes for Windows Forum you may get a better response.


    On a Mac, each person can have their own User Account. This would give them their own iTunes account as well. It's probably the same on a PC.


    If they have their own iCloud accounts, they may be able to do all the syncing wirelessly directly from the iPods to iCloud.  Read more Here

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    Thanks Joe.  I posted my question in the section you suggested but did not receive any help there either. 


    I understand what you are saying and yes, everyone has their own itunes account with their own credits and different apps downloaded.  My problem is that the accounts are overlapping.  My daughter's ipod has my son's updates for apps on his ipod coming in.  These updates are asking for his password to download even though it is showing that her itunes account is on this ipod.  How could this happen?


    Is there a way to sign out totally from itunes and start again fresh and sign in like new?  Everytime I leave itunes, it just takes me back to the page I was at last time when I start it up again. 


    I am very frustrated and answers are not coming in.


    Is there a way I can get support from an apple tech guy that can acces these accounts as well?


    Thanks in advance!



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    One thing is still not clear. Do you, your son and you daughter have seperate User Accounts set up on the computer.

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    no.  User accounts were only set up on the ipods to access the itunes store.  When I connected the ipods to the computer (to charge), Itunes just automatically started.  Maybe that is the problem.


    The question now is how do I rectify it?


    Thanks for your reply.



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    I'm pretty sure that's your first problem and I'm not sure how to rectify the overlap with the devices.


    One thing you can do on your computer is delete the backups for your son and daughters iPods. To do that open iTunes/Preferences/Devices: Delete the device backups.


    I'm not familiar with PC's so I can't tell you what other files to delete in reference to preference files. But if you know where the preferences are kept I would delete all of iTunes preference files.


    I would also log out of iTunes after you delete the device backups and preferences and log back into your iTunes account with your username and password.


    You should consider setting up separate computer User accounts for the kids with their own iTunes App so they can log into their own iTunes account while in their own computer user account.


    If you don't want to set up separate computer user accounts, they should sync their iPods wirelessly using their iTunes Account username and password if possible.


    That's about as much as I can offer for help.


    Hopefully someone else will jump in and help.