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If there is not enough space in the time line at the start of a completed program, how do you shift the entire program, consisting of 2 video tracks & 4 audio tracks, to the right to make enough room to insert a new clip without shifting the location of the existing clips with respect to each other? That is, can all the existing tracks be locked together and shifted to the right as one package?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I don't recall that can be done in FCE, at least not directly.


    What you could do, however, that would achieve the same result, is this:


    Let's call your existing sequence (the one that contains your original 2 video + 4 audio tracks) "Sequence 1"

    Create a new sequence; let's call it Sequence 2. 

    Then, in the FCE Browser, select Sequence 1 and insert it into Sequence 2's timeline just the same as you might do with any ordinary video clip.    This is called nesting the sequences.


    Now, in Sequence 2 you can treat Sequence 1 just as if it were an entire clip by itself and you can insert a new clip at the beginning of Sequence 2 and as a consequence Sequence 1 will be shifted in its entirety without affecting the individual tracks that are in Sequence 1.

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    I'd use a Slug.