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Recently had an iPhone repaired. It's my first iPhone and the repair center put iOS 6.0 on the phone. I got it home, hooked it to iTunes and it was automatically updated to iOS 6.0.1. When it updates I can make phone calls, but almost every call the person I'm calling cannot hear me. I took it to the people who repaired it and they claim it's a glitch with the iOS, but I'm not finding anything about it. Does anyone have a permanent fix for this? Is it common? Is there a temp fix for it? I've tried to restore to iOS 6.0, but it won't stay on that iOS, it always updates as soon as it hits the WiFi and restores.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    By not getting your phone replaced through Apple, but rather getting it "repaired" at a shop, you've voided all your rights to any sort of warranty exchange through Apple.


    Restore your phone as a new device.  If that doesn't solve your problem, bring your phone back to whomever repaired it.

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    First try to reset All Iphone settings from the General Option and connect to itunes and see whether it resolves the problem or If you already have an older version than IOS6.0.1 with, you can use Itunes to restore IOS6. all you have to is plug in your iphone, open up itunes and select restore while pressing the Shift key then you will be able to select an IOS6 (.ipsw) file that you want to restore, and then try whether you have the same problem.

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    Bonirox, I've tried restore to 6.0 and it won't let me restore it. It gives me error 3194.

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    That's because downgrading the iOS is not, and has never been supported.

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    So I can't even restore to a previous iOS? That's dumb. We should have the option to use whatever iOS we want to use and that actually works for us.

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    Well, you don't.  So get over it and move on.

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    I have no issues when sending/receiving message after I upgraded the iOS 6.0.1. intermittently when touching  within "text message" the virtual keyboard does not display, I have to keep touching the "text message" area or restart the iPhone 5. Frustration. ..

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    I feel your pain. Since updating to 6.0.1 I've had various problems, like the phone spontaneously rebooting itself when I move home screen icons. But the most egregious is the problem of not being able to be heard by callers. I discovered that if I switched to speaker I was able to be heard.


    There was no physical damage to the phone and the Genius said diagnostics showed it was a software problem.  They replaced the phone because no troubleshooting methods worked.  Then with the new phone I had the problem of the app store crashing each time it tried to access Purchases, another software problem.  Apple replaced the phone again.


    When the Apple Genius helped me set up the new Phone, I chose to set it up as new and not update the iOS from 6 to 6.0.1.  It has been working without a glitch so far.  I will avoid syncing with iTunes until I'm confident the bugs are worked out of 6.0.1.


    Btw this is the 4th iPhone 4s I've had within a year due to defect  Things appear to be going downhill with Apple products.