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I have a MBP that charges while in use with either 60 W or 85 W MagSafe adapters. I use integrated GMA when external monitor is not use so it runs cool. It will also run with external monitor with DC 15 V aircraft adapter, but does not charge as intended. This runs from on power supply on my desk at work. If it needs charging I can do that at home.


The problem I have is Qantas have AC 110 V power, but limit it to only 75 W. The 85 W MagSafe AC adapter will always trip this. In the grey mouse print it says AC 100 V 1.5 A. That is 150 VA, which is AC aircraft power is elswhere.


I am trying a 60 W adapter and it goes bang and UPS complains when I plug it in. It too is labeled AC 100 V 1.5 A. In-rush must be much worse than 150 VA as I am running a 1500 VA UPS.


Which AC adapter should I pack? Is the 60 W one any better? The 60 W one is definitely lighter.


Would be better is specs were available.


Would be better if in-rush was low and power-factor high. Since the 85 W has that funky dynamic -Ve impedance they should be able to make a coverter that presents an Ohmic load to rectifier or some other low in-rush high power-factor arrangement. This would also avoid mains potential electrolytics of the classic "passive" valey fill.


I will pack the light DC 15 V aircraft MagSafe anyway just in case I get lucky and aircraft has this. Flying with Singapore air this time who may have DC 15 V or AC 150 W.

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