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Harri P Level 1 Level 1

I am using a midi keyboard to trigger the patterm mode in ultrabeat. I'm in "toggle on step 1" mode. All good until today. There is now a few second delay before ultrabeat starts up. Ideas?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
  • Bruno Filipe Level 2 Level 2

    hi Harri P,


    First the basic question.

    Did you change anything in Mainstage or Mac configuration? Is your Mac only for audio or regular use?


    Second question

    When you say delay before ultrabeat starts up, you mean when you start you Mainstage Concert the ultrabeat as a starts up delay, or when trigger the pattern on a keyboard?



    When play some notes on other patch (like piano) do you get that delay?


    You could copy/create a new ultrabeat channel strip to a new concert and see if you still get that delay.


    You can send me your concert to see if something´s wrong.


    Post your results.

  • Harri P Level 1 Level 1

    Before I answer I discovered that the problems seems to go away if I close and re-open the concert. Then after adding a Loopback plugin and messing around for a while with the "when Mainsatge clock starts-start recording" on Loopback (which also didn't work this time for some reason), it does the delay thing again.


    to the questions:


    No changes to the MBP (which I use for everything)


    When I trigger the pattern (I press the keyboard key and after about four seconds the pattern starts).


    It doesn't happen on any pianos or other sofware instriuments, only ultrabeat


    Thanks for your time.

  • Bruno Filipe Level 2 Level 2

    Can you post an image or send the concert?


    Try the copy/paste channel strip to a new concert.

  • Harri P Level 1 Level 1

    This is definitely a Loopback issue. All is well until I open the Loopback plug-in and try to record with the Mainsatge clock. Then the hesitation starts in ultrabeat. This gig is Friday so I think I will just pass on the Loopback for now. I can't risk it screwing things up live.

  • Bruno Filipe Level 2 Level 2

    Hi Harri P,


    Maybe, and only maybe, this is not an Loopback/Ultrabeat issue. I´ll try to explain, in my opinion, since the Loopback has a internal clock the Ultrabeat trys to sync to that clock and start on the bar 1 os Loopback.


    Try to find something that make that sync in Loopback or Ultrabeat.


    Another thing you could try... Just put the Ultrabeat on your concert (erase Loopback) and press play (or space bar) and now try do trigger the pattern from your keyboard. Do you notice any delay?


    Is this the first time you use Mainstage in a live gig?


    Best Regards