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Thank you Frank Caggiano for the replay. My query was more to why is it so hard for having a coding to either dim the command “Delete Version“ if it is the only Version of the Master, or a popup window indicating that this is the only Version of the Master in our system and this action will delete the photo.

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    First it i not a good idea to start a new thread to respond to someone who has answered your original thread. It's confusing and clutters up the list.


    Second we're all just users here like yourself, not Apple employees, so no one can answer why something is done as it is done. We can only help resolve problems you might be having with the software.


    If you have a suggestion or think you have found a bug you need to contact Apple. Use Aperture->Provide Aperture Feedback



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    Thanks’ again Frank. You are absolutely right. My fault. It is just so annoying to have to always learn the new meaning of common expression/ wordings to do basic tasks. Have a nice day