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Last night my iMac hard drive crashed. I couldn't retreive any data as the Hard Disk was just not reading anything. I have since then reformatted the disk and have reloaded the OS.

Since the iMac is used primarily for home I don't backup the files on it. Most of my work is on my Macbook pro and I would like to keep the iMac like a mirror image of the Macbook.  I am trying to restore a backup from my Mackbook Pro but there seems to be some problem.


I tried 'Browse other Time Machine' last night but after leaving the machine to restore the files overnight I have woken to find that nothing has been restored. Now I am trying to restore just the 'Users" and it's been 1 hour or so and all I am getting is 'Zero KB of 81.5gb - Estimating time remaining'.


What am I doing wrong? Why isn't any data transfering to my iMac? I ran the disk utility to check my disk and it was fine.