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My Iphone name is not coming up in Iphoto, but it does in Itunes.

In Iphoto, it shows up as a generic "Apple Iphone" and it is not recognizing new photos that I need to upload to my computer.  I have tried everything I can think of.  PLEASE HELP!  I have photos I need to upload...

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have the same problem, but my iphone is showing up as the name of a friend's iphone. She had connected it to my computer to charge it. Now iphoto doesn't recognize my phone as mine, and can't import photos or videos. PITA

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    I got this to work doing the following:


    First this:

    1. Go to your Pictures folder (~/Pictures).

    2. Hold down the Control button on your keyboard, click the iPhoto Library file and select Show Package Contents.

    3. Locate the iPod Photo Cache folder and delete it.


    Then unplugged and re-started my iPHone


    then synced my iPhone using iTunes


    then repaired disk permissions on my mac


    then opened my iPhoto Library file (show package contents) and found a second .iPhoto (library data) file. It was called Library6.iPhoto, and it seemed redundant, so I moved it out of there.


    When I next started iPhoto, it found my iPhone. My friend's phone (which isn't connected to my computer) still appeared to be there, which is annoying, but I was able to get to my phone's photos. I hope this helps. Wish I knew which step did the trick...