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I am trying to enable the Java plugin for Safari via Workgroup manager.


I have found the com.apple.safari options relating to Java and set them to enable = true however it does not seem to be applying.


Other settings are applying such as mapping home drives etc. but the Java related Safari ones appear to not be doing anything.


Current settings in Workgroup manager for Safari:





Allow JavaScript to Open Windows Boolean True

Java Enabled Boolean True

JavaScript Enabled Bololean True

Plug-ins Enabled Boolean True


These were all selectable options in the drop down list and as I stated they don't seem to do anything whether I apply it to a computer, computer group, user or a user group but other options seem to work fine.


On the end device Safari states Inactive Plug-in and allows you to enable the applet with a message of "To use this applet from "IP address" you need to enable the Java SE 6 plug-in. You need to restart your browser after enabling."


Thanks for the help

Mac OS X (10.7.5)