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I have an iPhone 4 and the personal hotspot option has disappeared from the settings menu. I have tried resetting network settings, which has made no difference. Is there a fix?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Personal Hotspot is provided by your carrier, so, if it is not part of your contract, it will not show up in the settings.

    You'll need to contact your carrier about that.

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    I had been trying for several days to get personal hotspot to work.  I have tried everything including puting my SIM in a (different/old) factory reset iPhone 4.  I also had AT&T remove and re-add my hostpot data plan.


    Then I found this thread:



    It says that personal hotspot breaks with iOS 6.0.1 (at least with AT&T in the US.)  If that's really the case, then I expect that this will be a high priority bug and fixed in 6.0.2 in the near future.

    It's unforunate because I need it, but at least I can stop troubleshooting knowing it's likely a bug in the OS.

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    Today it just started working (yesterday it did not.)  I didn't do anything different.

    This is also coroborated with someone on the developer forums who also reported that for no appearent reason personal hotspot started working for him today too.


    So it's worth checking again today to see if it's working for you.  AT&T may have sorted out the problem.

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    I'm with Fido in Canada, and updated my iPhone to 6.0.2. Yesterday I went to use my wifi hotspot for the first time since the upgrade, to tether my iPad, and nothing happened. I went to try it again, and the option for 'personal hotspot' was gone!

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    I'm havng a similar problem but in Australia. I've looked for an update but it's saying it's fully updated at 6.0.1