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I added a new SSD drive to my computer so that I could take my FCP projects and speed up the rendering time, etc.  Now that I have it, I can't seem to bring the projects from my old drive to the new one.


Any ideas?



15" Macbook Pro 2.4 Ghz 4 g Ram, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (114,485 points)

    Do you see the drive in FCP? How is the drive formatted? How did you get the drive into your computer? Replace the super drive? Something else?

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    I am running Mountain Lion V 10.8.2 on a MacbookPro 15", v8,2.


    I installed a 480G SSD into the main drive and took the old  Apple 750 drive and using a data doubler put it into the Optical drive. I then cloned the new drive.  I copied FCP across but didn't clone the projects, thinking that I would keep that information on the other drive and use it as needed.  When I first tried to boot up FCP from the SSD drive, it crashed.  I then booted up the FCP on the 750 drive and it booted no problem.  I shut it down and then tried booting again from the FCP on the SSD and it opened no problem. I figure that by booting on the 750 drive it added the copy protection to the FCP on the SSD drive.   I then used the Apple instructions on how to erase FCP from a drive.  I trashed the FCP on the 750 drive and then trashed the library files that were in the instructions.


    So now I can boot up the FCP from the SSD drive.  When I look for projects, it sees the projects on the 750 drive.  The projects are slightly shaded and when I try to click on them nothing happens.  If I try to boot up from the project file it opens and tells me to open the projects from within FCP.

    I am going to trash the FCP and re-install it from the apple store and see if that helps.  Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.  I am trying to avoid starting over in my edits.





  • BenB Level 6 (8,960 points)

    You should have cloned with Carbon Copy Cloner the full original boot drive 100%, everything.  Then reformat the original drive (now your media drive).  Then copy the Events and Projects over to it.  Cloning only part of a boot drive is a horrible idea.

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    I did clone using Carbon Copy Cloner, but there was more on old drive than the capacity of the new drive.  Therefore I had to pick and choose what I was going to clone over.  But this gives me a good idea.  I did clone the entire drive to an external hard disk as backup just before I installed the new drive.  I can copy the files from the external drive.  I'm going to re-install the FCP on the new drive and then try to copy the files from the external drive.  Thanks Ben.