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Major headaches with copying files and folders between drives. I constantly (and I mean constantly) have to resort to copying files across in small batches (fewer than 10 works best) because anytime I try to copy lots of files and folders from my mac to an external hard drive (or from one external HD to a second external HD), I ALWAYS get the error message  "The operation can't be completed because an item with the name .DS_Store already exists".


  • The files and folders are all Mac-generated, so hint or trace of foreign OSs in the mix.
  • All file types are susceptible
  • the HDs are all Mac OS X formatted, no foreign file formats involved
  • the HDs are all journal-enabled, OS X extended formats


have looked on here for previous posts, past suggestion was to disable creation of DS_Store files - not really a solution and realistically, defeats the purpose of their creation



any ideas anyone?

would appreciate any thoughts or sugestions, this has got me beat


the context is that I have a lot of image files that I am copying (trying to...) new external 3TB drives for backup and the job appears endless if I have to do this in batches of 10 or so..!



many thanks for any suggestions

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion, (mid-2012) 8GB RAM
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