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Hey everyone,


the name is Kat and this is my first time starting a disccusion by posting it up on Apple Support Communities>iphone>using iphone.


I just recently lost my iphone yesterday, November 13,2012 at 9:30AM in the women's bathroom in the third floor of building one at Skyline College. at 9:20AM, i went to the women's bathroom of the third floor in building one at my school in Skyline College just doing my thing while i was in the toliet seat. then at 9:25am, i was checking my mail on my iphone. at 9:30AM, i was washing my hands in the women's bathroom of third floor in building one at Skyline College. then at 9:35AM i was in my  morning class in room 1-1306 waiting for my teacher to pass back our work assignment. so i didn't have my iphone between 9:30AM-9:35AM, so i couldn't find it anywhere. i told my best friend name Julianne Payumo but i call her as Julz. so i use her iphone to call my cellphone # about three-four times then I tried to use the Find My iphone application which i did both on my friend's cellphone and computer at the library and/or at my friend's house. i enter my icloud account on the find my iphone applications with my passwords, but when I try to locate my iphone it said my name on it like "Kat's iphone" and underneath it said its offline and i am pretty such i went to notifcation on the settings of my iphone and i let the notification of find my iphone application on but find my iphone application on icloud said i'm offline but iphone and the notification on the find my iphone application was on so why does it keep saying my iphone is offline but i put everyone online. what should i do?

iPhone 3GS
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    Means your phone is not connected to the Internet, & an Internet connection is required for Find My Phone to work. Any number of reasons could cause this: your phone ran out of battery; someone found it & turned it off; or, it just doesn't have an Internet connection.


    Report the loss to the police, your Insurance company & your carrier. Change all of your passwords.

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    Similar situation...what happens when they power it on and it connects to internet? Will it then be traceable again?


    Thanks in advance.