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Hi all,


I'm having a problem with my Apple TV 2. After being fine for years all of a sudden my LG TV is not seeing the Apple TV. Instead of the menu or even an error message I jsut get a 'no signal'. This did not happen after an update, just spontaneosly one day when I went to use it (day prior it had worked fine). this is what I have treid so far:


- restored using micro USB and ITumes (with and wthout a power cord)

- waited for an update to the software, updated with micro USB and ITunes

- Tried on 2 other TVs (on one of them I had the same problem however on a Sony it actaully does work - though this is not my TV so I can't watch it)

- switched HDMI cables


It's not jailbroken either.


Am I doomed? It's out of warranty and I can't afford to buy a new one and no doubt getting someone to look at fixing it will probably cost about half what a new one would cost anyway and there's no guarantees they could fix it so any help would be HUGELY appreciated.




AppleTV 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    connect it to the sony and lower the resolution likely it was inc and the 2 other tv's can't cope with such a high res

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    Hi Rudegar,


    Thanks for this. I've given this a shot but the couple of alternatives have not semed to work (but in saying that the apple logo and a green screen flash up on hte TV for a seond or so before returning to the 'no signal' screen). The previous sertting was 'detect automatically' so I changed it to 780 then 480. Is there a resolution you would suggest? The TV I am trying to use it on says it is 1080 (and it has owrked fine on it in the past with the same cable).