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    You asked how to delete the podcasts in iTunes. I told you. Of course you would then have to sync your iPad to remove them from the iPad (unless you do it manually, which with 500 podcasts is ludicrous).


    Since this is an English web site, it makes sense to use the English spelling of Music. I mistakenly assumed you were talking about some other app that you downloaded called Musik.

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    I write podcastepisodes,

    and you dream of Podcasts.


    @mac4never Dont drink and drive!

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    How can I block a troll in this forum ?

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    Who's the troll here....?


    What's the problem?

    To delete episodes of a podcast you just enter the Podcast-app on your iPad Mini and swipe to delete...

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    I never cease to be amazed about how difficult it is to have a basic question answered.  Here goes again...


    After one subscribes to a podcast series in the latest and not so greatest 'Podcast' app and then later decides that one would like to purge the podcast series, not just a single podcast, how in the sam heck does one get rid of all traces of the Podcast series.  For instance I'm trying to deleted the podcast series named 'Stuff Mom Never Told You'.  I have deleted all individual podcasts but the Podcast Series (for lack of a better word) cannot be removed from my touch Ipod 5.  Bottom line I do not want anything associated with this Podcast to appear on my Ipod and yet it does.  Only the control freaks at Apple could possibly come up with a reason I need to be reminded of something I'm trying to get rid of!!!



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    At the risk of being called a troll   , I would suggest unsubscribing from the podcast after deleting the episodes (Open the podcast settings and turn off the subscription).

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    Have done that. May I suggest that you create a subscription to a podcast on your ipod then experience my frustration. Delete any downloaded podcast then unsubscribe and you will see you have a podcast marker in your podcast library which you can't get rid of. Welcome to my nightmare.


    I have no problem deleting individual podcasts....just trying to remove the Podcast Subscription and the image which remains on in my Podcast library from my IPOD.  The podcast remnant will allow me to resubscribe to the Podcast series - something i don't want do do I JUST WANT TO REMOVE EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THE PODCASTS I NO LONGER HAVE FROM MYY IPOD.... that includes the PODCAST icon or image from my podcast Library ON MY IPAD

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    I did what you suggested and had the same problem you had until I switched the podcast list from icon to list mode. In list mode there is and edit button that will allow you to delete the podcast. I hope you are successful also. Merry Christmas

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    Thank you,


    That works on my iPad 3 but not on my ipod (newest version what Apple decides to call it other than iPod)

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    I have an older iPod on iOS 5. I'm not surprised that they act differently.

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    From the library screen on the podcast app you can see the podcasts you have subscribed to. If you "pull" the screen down, an edit button becomes visible. This allows you to select and delete many podcasts in one go.

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