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I'm a french apple user so first of all i'am sorry for my english.

This morning, I juste received an email from no.reply-6888@id.uk.com

This email says:

Apple ID automatically suspended

http://insideapple.apple.com/redir/cbx-cgi.do?v=2&la=en&lc=uk&a=/4YI4wIkYgAzTJp8 3FNTTwBANrAPOJCu3W6mRtCkNkx2s%2B1kd3mLQ5dC0C2HisGpKWwLeiM3NJR%2BtBFRE0KRJu6sr3lk v58gCJw1aJ34UfDfyhvZD4ULFIMNC%2Bb4cd9tY/yIcA1swSsRlZsU9IxD1YHgWMqeveUiPhIq1NS9I9 Akqi/GvE6cxAhveJfatw0CXaghmHBXL9kZWvr3X3G2kQ%3D%3D
http://insideapple.apple.com/redir/cbx-cgi.do?v=2&la=en&lc=uk&a=/4YI4wIkYgAzTJp8 3FNTTwBANrAPOJCu3W6mRtCkNkxQdeGujHwwHFksbxXOSN0kg9BI7qAlN9Cwgtfm/28lyg864wNB784r nGWwKcNOy%2BLtJ7qvK1MrHvd1aSUbKo4bORp2lRjyiekaGrMCid86DT6fNDj7l69bL47ZjMie31ZROi MpiGSJ87TM05KzgDrIbhVyHHG2KUpcweYo16G2Dg%3D%3D




Your Apple ID, lxxxxx.exxxxx@hxxxxxl.fr has been suspended!

Someone just tried to sign in into your Apple account from other IP Address.
Please re-confirm your identity today or your account will be suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the Apple Community.

To re-confirm your Apple ID, we recommend that you go to:

Verify Now >


So to keep my account available, I click on "Verify Now" and after indicate my ID and Password, I was redirecting on a page where i have to write my personel information like first and last name, adress, etc... But I stop it when i saw that I have to indicate my bank information also.


So I would like some information about this mail. Is it a real mail from Apple or a phishing spam?


Thanks for help.