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I'm a french apple user so first of all i'am sorry for my english.

This morning, I juste received an email from no.reply-6888@id.uk.com

This email says:

Apple ID automatically suspended

http://insideapple.apple.com/redir/cbx-cgi.do?v=2&la=en&lc=uk&a=/4YI4wIkYgAzTJp8 3FNTTwBANrAPOJCu3W6mRtCkNkx2s%2B1kd3mLQ5dC0C2HisGpKWwLeiM3NJR%2BtBFRE0KRJu6sr3lk v58gCJw1aJ34UfDfyhvZD4ULFIMNC%2Bb4cd9tY/yIcA1swSsRlZsU9IxD1YHgWMqeveUiPhIq1NS9I9 Akqi/GvE6cxAhveJfatw0CXaghmHBXL9kZWvr3X3G2kQ%3D%3D
http://insideapple.apple.com/redir/cbx-cgi.do?v=2&la=en&lc=uk&a=/4YI4wIkYgAzTJp8 3FNTTwBANrAPOJCu3W6mRtCkNkxQdeGujHwwHFksbxXOSN0kg9BI7qAlN9Cwgtfm/28lyg864wNB784r nGWwKcNOy%2BLtJ7qvK1MrHvd1aSUbKo4bORp2lRjyiekaGrMCid86DT6fNDj7l69bL47ZjMie31ZROi MpiGSJ87TM05KzgDrIbhVyHHG2KUpcweYo16G2Dg%3D%3D




Your Apple ID, lxxxxx.exxxxx@hxxxxxl.fr has been suspended!

Someone just tried to sign in into your Apple account from other IP Address.
Please re-confirm your identity today or your account will be suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the Apple Community.

To re-confirm your Apple ID, we recommend that you go to:

Verify Now >


So to keep my account available, I click on "Verify Now" and after indicate my ID and Password, I was redirecting on a page where i have to write my personel information like first and last name, adress, etc... But I stop it when i saw that I have to indicate my bank information also.


So I would like some information about this mail. Is it a real mail from Apple or a phishing spam?


Thanks for help.



Solved by John Galt on Nov 14, 2012 7:45 AM Solved

Waner wrote:


So I would like some information about this mail. Is it a real mail from Apple or a phishing spam?


Fake. Do not click on any of the links in the email.


If you did, and already supplied your Apple ID and password, you revealed personal information. In that case, go here and change your password: