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Hey all,


You can imagine my disappointment when I realized how wrong I've been doing all my amateur filmmaking. I'm trying to get more serious with editing cleanly and professionally. So, here is my project, and then my question.


I'm getting ready to shoot a big ski trip with my GoPro 3 and GoPro 2. For some slow-mo I'll shoot 120 fps on my gopro 3 at 720p, and 30 fps on my gopro 2 at 1080p.



Firstly, to really utilize the slow-mo I'm planning on utilizing twixtor. Can anyone walk an amateur through the process of creating smooth slow-mo that wont be choppy when I upload it to the web? Walking me through as if I know nothing would be appreciated.


Also, how should I go about dealing with the differing frame rates? I've heard talk of MPEG Streamclip, but I haven't found any tutorial or instruction that was broken down and easy to follow.


Your instruction will be greatly appreciated. Please help me build my base of knowledge with these things so I can build on it and help those who have the same questions as mine!



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