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Hey guys, I'm having a problem that I'm sure you all must know about. After exporting my sequence into an mp4 file via FCp. I upload that same vid to youtube and I keep getting a vertical white line that appears to the right of the frame. The size of the video is 853 x 480. It was compressed used a H.264 codec. FPS is listed as 29.97 and the sound is listed as AAC 44.100 kHz.


Side note, once I open the video in quicktime the size is listed as 853 x 480. But if I opened the video in VLC player, the size is listed as 854 x 480...I just want to know what would be the steps in order to get rid of the white strip on the right side of the frame.


Quick specs


15.4 inch Macbook Pro Mid-2009

4 GBs of Ram

500 GB 5400rpm hard drive

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    You haven't told us what your fcp sequence settings are, but here's a workflow that will solve the problem (I hope).  I recemtly had a similar experience but with a green line.


    Export a selfcontained quicktime with current settings from fcp.


    Bring this file into compressor.  In the settings window at the top right, hit the + and create a new mpeg4 setting.  Here's the trick.  Go in to the geometry panel and set the dimensions to 854 x480.  For the best quality, go into the frame controls panel and set the resize filter to best.