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After updating ios6, I changed my apple password and since then ichat on mac or imessage on ipad2 doesnot accept my password. Rest everything works fine. I have reset the network, reset my ipad, done everything possible from sites. I have a friend of mine also having the same issue. And this is going on since months now with no proper fixes from Apple. Guys Apple is just loosing its touch. I hope it doesnt end up loosing its customers.

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    An iOS device can iMessages from iOS 5 to other iOS devices.


    At iOS 6 your can sync or sue the same Apple ID on an iPhone and the iPad can then be set to send as if from the iPhone Number.

    The same is true of the Messages app  in OS X 10.8.2


    iChat stops at version 6 in Lion.

    In Mountain Lion it changes it's name to Messages.


    I take it you have tried to remove the Apple ID from the iPad and then re-entered it ?

    Did you turn Off iMessage on the iPad before changing the password  (i.e. your were not logged in already and trying to change the password ?)



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