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safari version: 6.0.2

Mac OS X version: 10.8.2


problem: safari regularly gets stuck since November 13th: it does not respond, the only fix is to kill it (Force Quit).

Attempts to fix: cleaning cookies, caches, disabling third-party extension or all didn't fix the problem.

The problem seems to be specific to safari 6.0.2. The problem doesn't exist when using the safari webkit: Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17, 537+) r134433.

Any hint ? Thanks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Linc Davis Level 10 Level 10

    Did you install a pre-release build of WebKit? If so, remove it.

  • buster2le Level 1 Level 1

    Help. This all seems so confusing and it seems those of us with Safari "quit unexpectedly" type problems just can't seem to get the right version that's fixed, from Apple. My situation is similar--reference Leclerc's note re: Safari 6.0.2. (8536.26.17). But I'm not having his problems, like where Safari gets stuck and he has to force quit. I bet others who've tried to track the timeline have seen what I followed (and did) below. The confusion seems to be on which update actually fixes things and which does not or which one is the latest. Please see the dates and versions I checked below.

    step by step---HERE'S WHAT I DID:


    -Upgraded at Apple Store from Snow Leopard to Mt. Lion 10.8.1 in August 2012- no problems- added memory as well


    -did update available 9-19-12 from Mt. Lion 10.8.1 to Mt. Lion 10.8.2 (Combo- included Safari 6.0.1) Apple Download ID DL1581 HT1222 and HT5502 through software update function- no problems


    -did update available 10-11-12 HP Printer Update DL907 HT3669 through software update- no problems


    -did update available 10-4-12 Mt. Lion 10.8.2. Supplemental Update 1.0 DL1600 HT1222 through software update- no problems


    -** saw November 1,2012 Safari 6.0.2. HT5568 shows up as available update on software update and---as usual, I wait a day or two or three and see how it goes for those who first do any update---and due to the large number of users on forums having problems with it either during or after downloading and installing--- I don't download or install--I wait and see....do more research...keep checking, monitoring apple updates and checking etc...


    -**then I finally see a "modified November 7, 2012"  Safari 6.0.2 HT1222 showing up. Everyone was waiting for some kind of withdrawal and fix on the first one...so I assume from all I could gather, that "modified November 7, 2012  47.0 mb" HT1222 must be the latest "fixed" Safari 6.0.2. update. Also read on various forums that the first version offered November 1, 2012 mysteriously disappeared from software update and that this version that has no reference to HT5568-just HT1222 again-- was the only one now and only available from Apps Store (not from regular software update) and I did get notification on my Macbook from Apps Store on this. This seemed verified in posts like Security Tracker Alert ID 1027718...that the later November 7, 2012 "last modified version" was the one. Apparently CVE 2012 3748..CVE 2012 3749 and CVE 2012 3750.. showed flaws in Webkit..artbitray code problems..flaw determining kernal addresses and passcode vulnerabilities and that's what the November 1, 2012 version was supposed to fix !!!!!


    So I downloaded and installed this modified November 7, 2012 version...it seemingly went smooth. I did not get the error "NSURLE ErrorDomainError-3001" others did when they apparently tried to install the November 1 version. So...my Safari version now reads Safari 6.0.2. (8536.26.17).

    HOWEVER...I did that install on November 12th and have since had 2 "Safari quit unpexpectedly" notices and I I sent reports to Apple, showing the detailed logs. The logs are scary! So what did I do wrong and where do I go from here?


    I am not a super techie and Apple ought to be able to issue an update or update fix that works without average knowledge people having to go in and do all kinds of techie work internally. BOTTOM LINE QUESTION:Do I have the right corrected/fixed version OR Is there still a 6.0.2 Safari update "fix" expected as of today, November 14, 2012? Any help would be deeply appreciated.

  • H Anthony Semone Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    FWIW, just to echo your experience,


    Yesterday morning Safari 6.0.2 (8536.26.17) "bricked my MBP: dead, unresponsive to anything. After much chagrin , I was able to boot into Recovery Mode, got to Disk Utility, unable to repair permissions, only Verify Disk and Repair Disk available. Running the former showed the Disk was in need of repair. Running repair showed that it was unable to repair the problem. Result: fresh install from TM backup and reinstall of 10.8.2. Safari now loads but only with difficulty, although disabling Ad Blocker and Deanimator appears to help, but compared with Firefox 16, the latest beta I have, well, Safari needs a fix, because the latter is greased lightning LOL