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I have just updated my i-pad 2 with IOS 6, it only took 17 hrs and deleted everything I had on my i-pad.  I tried to install a new ap and have been asked for bank details.  It looks like I cannot do ANYTHING with my i-pad without giving my bank details!!  Is this correct?  I don't use the i-store and don't want to purchase anything so why should I have to give my bank details to use my i-pad, I can't even get facebook back onto my i-pad without providing my bank details.  This is not appropriate.


I am really thinking about getting a Galaxy II for Christmas, as I have heard so much good things, and they do not have these restrictions.

iPad 2, iOS 6, Took 17 hrs to update
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    iTunes uses payment information to confirm that users are in the country they are trying to acquire content from.

    There may be a "none" option in the banking information.  If there is not, provide the details as requested.  Then go back into the account and change the payment information to "None".


    All app stores have some sort of requirement on verification.


    Frankly, if you're not happy with your iOS device, return or sell it and get something else.  No one here cares, we're all users like yourself.  Making threats only serves to make you look like an incompetent fool.


    If you want help, stop with the drama and ask intelligent questions providing sufficient detail about the problem occurring and we'll gladly offer our assistance.