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good morning everybody,

i'd like to ask you about Apple macbook's batteries plan.

I own a 2010 macbook pro 13" and its warranty is expired. since 2 weeks ago i get the warning "battery needs assistance" and it has only 450 cycles and its maximum capacity is at the 75%. so i went to the Apple Assistance center in my town and they said that since it is out warranty i will have to pay and get it replaced, because the battery needs to be replaced.

now i wonder shouldnt Apple replace it since it has way less than the 1000 cycles that they claim?

i would really appreciate your help.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Apple considers batteries to be consumable items - you're out of warranty and your battery's dead.


    So either pay for a new one and use your MBP on battery, or live with the limited lifespan that your battery may have.


    I went through four batteries on my 2006 MBP - just kept buying new ones.



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    my doubts came up since i read online about people, in my same situation, who get their batteries replaced. Also I phone called another Apple Assistance Center in Roma and they told me they are supposed to test my battery and possibly change it for free. whereas the center in my town exluded the possibility to do it.

    so why do i find different behaviors? it's aweful a different kind of treatment, there are no first class costumers and second ones.

    also the rate that apple claims on its website to replace the battery is the rate that i am supposed to pay or am i supposed to pay a fee to the assistance center too?